9C: Career Portfolio

After putting together my career portfolio, it made me realize just how essential is it to be as up to date as possible when it comes to having a completed resume and strong cover letter.  In just two pages, these pieces of information will help your potential employer gauge whether or not you are a good fit for their company.  It’s crucial to stay current on all one’s accomplishments and work progress, so that it may be added to your resume.  For me, I needed some slight tweaking on my resume format, such as font size, being able to space out the wording a bit, and editing out jobs that do not necessarily need to be on a resume.  I feel more confident in my resume now, I feel the look is professional and the layout works well.

I enjoyed writing a mock cover letter for a potential job offer.  It was good practice to write a cover letter to better understand what employers are looking for in the letter, and how to professionally write one.  Besides a few errors in my first draft, I feel that the revised version which I’m handing in, is to the point and courteous to my potential employer.  It shows interest in the position, the qualifications I have for the role, and that I would follow up within the week on any progress regarding the position.  Employers don’t want to sit there and read sob stories of how badly you need the job, or read endless pages of the same things repeated over and over.  Concise and to the point are exactly what a cover letter should be, and this class helped greatly in better understanding what it is that a cover letter should include.

Going forward, I will be on top of any new achievements that I’ve accomplished, along with new skills and resources that I can add to my ever growing resume.  Before this class, I hadn’t updated my resume in some time.  Now, I am more aware of how beneficial and crucial it is to stay on top of editing ones resume from time to time.  Like I mentioned before, this single page is what employers are going to base you off of partly, so it better be edited properly with correct wording and as little clutter as possible.



8C: “Kell on Earth” Thoughts

After watching several clips from the Bravo TV show, “Kell on Earth” on YouTube, my impressions of a small PR firm is extremely competitive and exhausting, and that’s just from watching the video clips!  The massive amounts of pressure this company is under to perform on a daily basis is nerve racking, and the clips demonstrate how one who works in these positions must posses thick skin and  provide constant availability in order to survive in this business.

Kelly Cutrone, the founder of the public relations firm People’s Revolution, is one of the hardest working individuals in the public relations field.  Her work ethic is filled with passion, dedication, and devotion to her craft, and she takes no prisoners along the way.  In one of the YouTube clips, she tells her staff that if anyone needs to cry, they must step out of the office, because she will not tolerate the sob stories or inabilities to complete tasks.  While her style of work can be viewed as harsh, she is a woman  that has made a huge name for herself over decades of devoting herself to her work and brand. She knows what it takes to get to the top, and only wants the best for her employees.

The stress level these employees face from Cutrone seems to be high, especially because Cutrone is constantly on the go and expects everyone else to work just as hard as she does.  She is so busy that in one clip on YouTube she is seen getting a pedicure in her office while typing on her laptop!  In another clip involving interns, she lays into several of them on how slow a pace they’ve been working, and now she has to take time out of her precious day to fix it.  She even talks about how she doesn’t want to take on interns anymore, unless they pay $10,000 to want to learn the proper way to work in a public relations firm.  Not a bad idea, considering that interns that pay that much to learn from Cutrone surely would be on point at all times, especially if they’re laying out $10,000 to do so!  Cutrone truly has a lot of charisma and gusto, and knows that she is a master of her craft.

Public relations is an extremely tough business to work in, one in which individuals are required to be on call at all times each day to get a job done.  While Cutrone’s firm is just one example, there are hundreds of other public relations firms that are run just like Cutrone’s, or even more intensely.  It was interesting to get an inside look into the everyday work cycle of a public relations employee, and see firsthand the stress they go through to get their work done.

7B: WalMart Video

After watching the WalMart video on YouTube, right off the bat I learned that the WalMart brand is extremely important to their culture and way of doing business.  All the clips shown of the WalMart culture were positive and upbeat, with meetings that appeared like rally events, a small suburban corporate office, and friendly staff.  WalMart gives off the appearance of wanting to supply the customer with the best experience possible, all at the lowest price possible.  The video also highlights some unflattering information, including playing hardball with many suppliers of the products, lower work wages with little to no benefits, and outsourcing jobs overseas, mainly to China.

Even with all the scrutiny in the video, I believe WalMart allowed CNBC the access to videotape their work ethics to illustrate how they are all about their customers in terms of providing quality products for the lowest prices possible.  I also think that WalMart allowed the access to give off the impression that they had nothing to hide from the press and media, so they allowed the access to places not normally seen to demonstrate that they are operating under unified rules and regulations.

While all companies have their pitfalls and ugly marks attached to them, WalMart meets their challenges head on, and I would describe their culture as being proactive and productive in terms of sales and growth.  While many may not agree with certain practices that WalMart employs, or outsourcing jobs overseas, there is no denying that WalMart has changed the way people shop forever.  In terms of PR for this documentary, WalMart in my opinion, did the right thing agreeing to be examined and showcased for the public to see.  It indicates a willingness on their part to open their doors to reveal they have nothing to hide, and to show the better sides that many individuals may not hear from the media.  It was chance to reveal their side of the business, while understanding that CNBC would also counter with the anti and negative aspects associated with their brand name.

PR and Ethics Blog

After viewing the two YouTube videos regarding PR ethics and interviewing, what stood out the most from both was the idea of asking questions and not being afraid to speak up and express concerns or opinions.  In the case of the PR ethics and interviewing video, Peter Stanton brings up an excellent point about raising questions regarding how the PR firm handles ethical issues, and whether or not there is an opt out clause for certain cases.  When one is involved with a PR firm, there might be times where they’re asked to handle a job that might not be comfortable for them on many different levels, and by asking in the interview stage whether the PR firm has various opt out clauses is crucial in understanding whether the firm is right fit for them.  From both videos, I took the point that speaking up and raising questions is something potential employers want to see because it demonstrates that one has morals and ethics that they live by, and want to understand what the various jobs entail beforehand.  This illustrates to employers a sense of care and urgency about the roles and tasks they might be undertaking if hired for the position.

I have never been involved with a group interview before, so I found the second YouTube video to be very beneficial if I ever end up in an interview situation like that.  The career professional offered sound advice regarding how to stand out in front of a group, and how to showcase ones talents to potential employers.  I liked the four “A”s she establishes in the video for successful group interviewing, and once again asking questions and speaking up is a theme in this video as it was in the previous YouTube video regarding PR ethics.

Ethics might come up in an interview due to whether or not a potential employer offers an opt out clause in their PR firm, because if they do not and you are faced with a case that ethically and morally you are uncomfortable dealing with, then you have to decide whether or not you can work for this particular company going forward.

5A: Blog

Based on the Blackboard lecture on diversity, the most important aspects of diversity are valuing individuals rather than as members of a group, not making judgments without all the facts lined up, and to respect differences that people have in life.  In valuing individuals rather than as members of a group, this will help to not group people in a certain way just because of their race, religion, sex, etc.  Rather, by viewing each person as a singular entity, we can better judge a person for who they truly are based on their merits and capabilities, instead of biased and often insensitive opinions.  By not making judgements without all the facts will help create a diverse culture in which we don’t jump to conclusions, or base a book by its cover.  Singling an individual out based on appearance or religion for instance, will only initiate further racist, prejudice, and insensitive feelings and thoughts.  In getting to actually know a person on a one to one basis, often times we find that people aren’t who we think they are, and more often than not are pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer.  Respect is a key element in dealing with any person in life, and in regards to diversity, respecting other people’s differences in life and realizing that they have various capabilities will better help us treat people with dignity and the respect they deserve.

An example of being aware and sensitive of diversity issues for me personally could involve my job at Best Buy in Mount Vernon.  I try to let people voice their varying opinions and thoughts on different subject matter, letting each individual have his or her say and giving them respect by listening intently.  Displaying that I have a genuine care and appreciation for what they are saying demonstrates being tolerant to their individual ideas, and not judging them based off of their race, religion, sex, etc.  I view each individual as someone who brings various qualities and capabilities to the job, and that each person offers a varying degree of insight and input towards the success of our business.  At Best Buy, we have people of all races, sex, religions, sexual orientations, age, etc.  It is a perfect test site to demonstrate how I can be sensitive to diversity.  I try to never jump to conclusions without knowing all of the facts, or base my thoughts and opinions on anything other than what the person can offer to the job, regardless of the outside information such as age, race, etc.  We often gather for group meeting sessions to offer ideas and insight on how to better our business, and help each other succeed.  We are all viewed individually based on our talents and capabilities, rather than our looks or personal matter outside of the job.

4A: Prediction Trend

After reading the media post on the future of broadcast television, I found the idea of threats to cable television services very likely and already happening today.  I work at Best Buy in Mount Vernon in the home theater department, and on a daily basis come in contact with people who are cancelling their cable service and sticking with Netflix or Hulu Plus, or going strictly with an antenna for over the air channels.  The rising costs of cable television is a constant topic and area of concern for many families, especially when people are paying exorbitant costs for a select few channels they watch on a daily basis and omit the rest.  I find the idea of paying for the channels most viewed to be an interesting idea, since a majority of people only watch several of the same channels.  In order for the cable companies to stay relevant and not continue to lose customers, I think the idea of micro bundled packages is the best solution to keep the cable companies in competition with the streaming services.  Charging different prices for various packages makes the most sense since it’s becoming clear that more and more people do not want to continue to pay high prices for their cable channels.

I also found the bridging of mobile television interesting, since many people watch shows and programming on their smart devices.  With the ability to watch live broadcast programs on their smart devices, consumers no longer necessarily need a television to view their content.  Adding to that, the ability to Tweet and share ideas to various TV programs as they are airing also leads to more of a direct contact with the customers’ favorite shows.  This tactic helps consumers feel more involved with the product they are viewing.  The interaction between viewer and program leads to more of a personal experience, something that is new and innovative to broadcast television.

In terms of my career goals in the broadcast/journalism field, the ideas expressed in this media posting only enforce that I need to stay abreast with the latest technology and advancing age of implementing various smart devices to view content on.  By staying up to date with the news going on in the cable and broadcast industry, I’ll be able to adequately understand and adapt quicker to the changing times approaching the broadcast industry.

2D: Blog Assignment Job

After searching for a job on Indeed.com, I came across a job opening for an on air talent at CBS Radio in New York City. The job description states the following:

Fresh 102.7 FM is seeking a creative, energetic morning personality. Think about this…on the other side of our studio wall is radio legend Scott Shannon. Down the hall are America’s leading news brands, WINS and WCBS-AM. A floor below, national sports personality Boomer Esiason and his partner Craig Carton entertain on WFAN and the CBS Sports Network. If you’re ready to walk into this building with broadcasters who have achieved success at the highest level, then we should hear from you. Past experience must include morning ratings success and knowledge of the New York market.

The job is full time and located in Manhattan at the CBS Radio station. The job is right up my alley for a career in on-air talent, and the posting has the appearance that they are searching for new talent. It’s reassuring that stations are looking for new talent, and not just recycling professionals already in the field.

Some skills that I still need to enhance my career goals of working as an on air talent are programming skills (e.g. board operation) and adding more experience to my resume. This semester I am co-hosting a one hour radio station with my friend Antonio for WICR, to help strengthen my experience of the profession. Utilizing WICR is also a great tool to use for my demo reel for future job references.